Chaper 1

Students will be introduced to the iSearch Project in Chapter One. They will use Kidspiration interst maps to help them brainstorm about topics in which they are interested. Wikis will be used to post their work and communicate with parents about the topics their student wants to research. Blogs on the wikis will provide a place for their writing and research. Students will also have an opportunity to search kid-friendly websites to further research their top choices. Lastly, students will make a final decision on the topic of their iSearch and blog the first section of ther iSearch story: "Why I Chose This Topic" on their Journal-blogs.

Featured Links in Chapter 1
Reading Rockets - Search Joanna Cole Interview
Herald Democrat - Search Pottsboro Kids Find Mammoth Bones
Fox News - Search for Texas Boys Discover Fossil Gold Mine
Webspiration - Click on Visual Thinking
Inspiration - Click on Kidspiration or Webspiration Classroom
AASL Standards
ISTE Standards
BrainPOP - Search Blogs
Yahoo Kids

Featured Templates in Chapter 1